VortexOHS™ is a modular Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene System. It makes use of an SQL server that allows a multiple-user environment.

The first module is a comprehensive Occupational Hygiene Management tool. If you are experiencing challenges in managing your sampling programmes and related sampling strategies, we have a solution for you!

This module has been specifically designed to assist Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene professionals get the most out of their sampling programmes.

With the VortexOHS™ Occupational Hygiene Sampling Module you can:

  • Set up your company details and HEG’s.

  • Import personnel information and their work history into the database and allocate them to HEG’s.

  • Keep a register and service history of all your instruments.

  • Create numerous sampling programmes and related sampling strategies in minutes.

  • The system can deal with any combination of occupational hygiene stressors required by legislation (all 802 airborne pollutants and noise accommodated).

  • View all the sampling strategies in a calendar, or a report.

  • Issue samples. This feature includes a sample questionnaire which will assist you in determining factors that made have influenced the result. In addition, this questionnaire includes a supervisor over-inspection.

  • Capture and keep a database of all sample results. Included in this function are the following:

    • The ability to generate individual sampling reports that can be used to report results to line management.

    • An indicator flag tool that allows the appointee to quickly identify problematic samples (e.g. incomplete samples, samples exceeding the OEL, etc.).

  • Establish a medical link to your medical facility (OREP reports) or have the OMP get the information directly from the system. Reports generated here will show an employee’s exposure for his/her HEG and occupation of the duration in which samples have been taken.

  • Quickly draw statutory DMR Reports and Industry Milestones Compliance Reports.

  • View the status of all sampling strategies and the level of exposure risk to different pollutant categories in a dashboard.

We are currently working on Colliery and Metalliferous Ventilation surveys. We are hoping to make these modules available soon.


Company Details:

Edit details of the company you are creating. Customise the logo, DMR Codes and allocate the relevant Section 12(1) appointee. In addition, you can customise the header and footer to be included on reports.

Homogenous Exposure Group (HEG) Details:

Edit details of HEG’s that are relevant to the company. Here you can allocate risk profiles in accordance with the DMR Guidelines. This will form the basis of any sampling programmes and strategies that will be created later.

Personnel Data:

Import all the company’s personnel into the database. Here employees can be allocated to specific HEG’s. In addition, a tool has been incorporated to allow the user to easily allocate the correct DMR Occupation Code to an employee.

Instrument Register:

The system has a built in Instrument Register. This will allow the user to manage all instruments that are used for the purposes of occupational hygiene and ventilation. This includes managing instrument repairs and calibration.

Occupational Hygiene Stressor Selection:

Unlike other systems, VortexOHS™ allows the user to create sampling programmes and related strategies that consist of noise and any of the 803 airborne pollutants as prescribed in the South African Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA). In addition, certain unlegislated airborne pollutants (e.g. diesel particulates) are also available. Given that some occupational hygiene stressor have multiple units of measure, the database ultimately has a total selection of 1233 variants.

In this section, the user is able to select those preferred stressors that will be incorporated into the sampling programmes. In addition, users can select the CAS number of the stressor to obtain more information of the stressor from the internet.

Sample Programme and Strategy Creation:

In this section, the user can create sampling programmes and related strategies. Users are able to select any combination of HEG’s and Occupational Hygiene Stressors.

Sampling Strategies are created on a quarterly basis.

The number of samples taken are based on the level of risk determined for each HEG and stressor risk category.

Sample Strategies that normally take a long time to compile are generated in seconds and is fully random in accordance with the DMR guideline

Sample Programme Arrangements:

Created Sampling Strategies can be previewed at any time as either a calendar or as a strategy document. These reports differentiate between overdue, current and future sampling.

Sample Issuing:

This tool allows users to issue control forms for any sample that needs to be issued. In addition, it provides a questionnaire which the sampled person and that person’s supervisor are required to fill in. This fulfils the requirement for partial supervision and assists the occupational hygienist.

Sample Capturing:

This tool allows users to capture the results of samples that have been taken and for which results have been received.

This important tool also provides the statutory reports of the sample taken as well as statistical analysis of the result.

DMR Reports:

Probably the most important aspect of the VortexOHS™ System, this tool allows users to generate the statutory Quarterly and Annual DMR Reports in accordance the DMR Guidelines.

This function can be performed in seconds and is fully compliant with current legislation.


This versatile tool, allows users the opportunity to have a concise overview of the sampling strategies that have been created and the level of compliance to those strategies can be quickly determined.

In addition, the tools will give you an overview of the level of risk within the company.


  • As mentioned above, VortexOHS™ is a modular Ventilation and Occupational Hygiene System. It is planned to have 6 modules, can allow for up to 200 users and up to 200 sites. As a result costs vary dependent on the needs of the client.

In addition (and if required), the following services can be provided:

  • Initial Setup. Includes installation, personnel import, HEG and sample programme creation

  • Historical Sampling Data Import (max 2 year sample history)

  • Site Training (1 day) - Sample data used for this purpose.

Please fill in the following to request a full quotation that meets your operations specific needs: